Does Your Personality Affect Your Leadership?

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Does Your Personality Affect Your Leadership?


Leadership: the power or ability to lead other people

Every great leader typically understands their personality and what it takes to handle difficulty.

So many times in life we are at a crossroad and don’t know what to do. Depending on your basic personality we all handle it a little bit differently.

Some people naturally take the bull by the horns and make things happen no matter what the obstacle. They don’t allow people, circumstances or setbacks to stand in their way, even at a crossroad. However, they can get angry if what they are trying to bull their way through doesn’t seem to work, or if others appear to be standing in their way. They are quick to blame everyone but themselves.

Others have a tendency to want to go hide in a cave during difficult times and never come out. They dislike the conflict and turmoil and would rather clam up than fight. They see a crossroad as a challenge they just really don’t feel like facing. Unfortunately this sets them farther back and sometimes they see no way out.

Then there are those who just really don’t pay attention to the crossroad and just try and wish it away. They pay no attention to the details and simply pretend it will all get better even if they do nothing about it. They just want to make sure life is fun and not troublesome and would rather not think on or discuss their difficulties.

Lastly, we have what I call the squatters. They will not make a move until they figure everything out. No matter how long it takes they will analyze it all to death. They place the blame solely on themselves. They over think everything and this usually causes them to stay stagnant. They internalize it all and sometimes take it out on others without anyone even knowing what is going on in their heads. They can stay very frustrated and keep other frustrated.

Whichever way you handle a crossroad or set back will depend on how you get to live out the rest of your life. Every hardship needs to be looked at from an eternal perspective. You should always tell yourself these things:

It will not last forever

Tomorrow is a new day

It does not matter what anyone else thinks

I will depend on God to see me through

And, prayer changes things!

Great leaders don’t just manage companies great leaders are able to manage themselves and their lives. When hard times come they man-up and do what needs to be done to overcome. They rely on God to handle the rest.

Great leaders usually have personalities that others like to be around. What you see is what you get. They ask for help when needed. They admit to their wrongs. They don’t lie and deceive people and then expect you to over look the damage they’ve caused.

If every leader would take a deep look at their own personality and admit to their faults, rely on their strengths and not allow the opinions of others to sway their moral code, this world would be a better place.

If they relied on God and put family first and helped others up the corporate ladder, just think of what our nation would be full of.

If they said NO to greed, and No to pride, and No to lust, just think of the kind of people we would be working for. If they said Yes to God, and Yes to giving, and Yes to being faithful, just think of where we would go as a people.

Does your personality matter as a leader? You bet it does. Take a look at your life today and see if you are really fit to lead others. I promise you. Others are taking a look.

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